Dentex 810 Basic Plus - AR Film Processor

An automatic film processor witth autto-replenish The most reliable unit in the business. It has a processing time of 4 1/2 minutes with an endo wet reading in 1 1/2 minutes. Accomidates film sizes of up to 8" X 10". This is a great unit for any dental practice.

All Dent-X Automatic Film Processors

  • Are extremely low maintenance
  • Alert the operator when the system is ready to process film
  • Quickly and quietly produce a dry, archive-ready film
  • Have a compact form, specifically designed for dental offices
  • Can be cleaned and prepped in minutes
  • Are available with an optional chemical drain kit to make cleaning even easier

The 810 Plus and 810 Plus AR Processors

  • Are designed for high volume offices
  • Activate automatically once the system is ready - place the film and walk away!
  • Shut down automatically when finished - saving energy and chemicals
  • An automatic chemical replenishment kit is included with the 810 Plus AR and optional on the 810 Plus

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  • Item #: 9992405300
  • Manufacturer: Dent-X
  • Condition: New

Dent-X 810 Plus - AR Film Processor

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